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How to care

Pre installation
As hair only do one time washed when collected, after machine sew, then delivery to us to stock and sell, and we will also put some hair care spay to care hair before packed , some might smell not good for a long time, special in the wet weather, for the health reason, please cowash with your own shampoo and condition before installed, then hang it to air dry. also migth have some sheds when wash, don't worry, its the extra hair not sew when at factory, if not much, wash one time, will be clean and out, if much, please contact us before installed and use, we will give the best option to solve it for you.
Avoid brush, always be gently , treat as your own hair, comb the hair end , then middle, final the hair top,as the small tooth hold too tight , easy to cause some sheds and break from the middle.
straight &wavy hair are highly recommended to use the wide tooth comb, deep wave&curly hair avoid comb, will cause the curly spread , better to use your finger to make the hairstyle and remove some knots
Insist on co-washing hair around 1~2 time at least around a week, some little tangle or knots could be removed weekly, mid-condition is necessary to leave on the hair around 10~15mins after shampoo,
Different place may have different products, here is some highly recommend like Hawaiian silky argon oil shampoo and conditions, Dove daily shampoo & moisture conditioner. L’ORDEAL nutritional gloss high shining conditioner. and Silicon oil mix shampoo and condition etc,
Moisturize&deep condition weekly
Wear a sation bonnet
Cover the hair when wear wigs
Avoid tight ponytails
Be gently and patience to use finger detangle rather than the brush or wide tooth comb
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